PureSound Custom Pro Steel Snare Wire 24 Strand, 13 Inch

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Model: CPS1324

UPC: 046716579362

List $39.25

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Designed for 13" snare drums, the PureSound Custom Pro series snare wire features 24-strands of medium-gauge of wire, allowing for the snare wire to be more prominent in the overall sound.


• Designed for 13" snare drums; 24 strands of wire
• Speed Release Strap™ allows the player to disengage the snare wires for quick head or snare wire changes
• Anti-choke™ end plates lift the coils away from the edge to reduce sympathetic buzz and increase the wire tension range
 • Steel coil produces a quick and crisp snare response
• Numbered alignment marks on the straps ensure straight and repeatable positioning in the clamp
• All PureSound Snare Wires are designed and manufactured in the USA