DIY Solderless Custom Cable Kit, 40 feet, 10 plugs

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Model: PW-GPKIT-50

UPC: 019954957544

List $171.35

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Custom cut cable to suit your pedal board 's layout. The plugs and cables in this kit are specially designed for quick and reliable assembly, simply cut, twist and screw and you 're done. Includes 40-feet of the American Stage cable, 6 right-angle 1/4-inch plugs and 4 straight 1/4-inch plugs all featuring the D 'Addario patented Geo-Tip, a screw driver and a mini cable cutter.


• 40 ft of American Stage cable
• 10 plugs featuring the D'Addario Geo-Tip for best connection
• Solderless plugs connect to cable in seconds no matter where you are, creating exact required lengths easily
 • Road-tested plug connections hold up even the toughest gigging situation
• Limited lifetime guarantee